Press reviews of our CD “drei”

Press reviews of our CD “drei”Our new CD has received many good reviews, here is a selection:

“…the duo explores the mostly low pitches with (apparent) calm in a true dialog. Sometimes melodic, sometimes wandering freely.”

Westzeit Blog, Karsten Zimalla, Dezember 2022

“In certain situations, you can let yourself be dragged down by low tones. But “Drei” has been recorded with such a sense of conciseness, contour and situational wit that the duo’s focused short stories come across as cheerful as an audio comic.”

JAZZthing Mauerpark, Wolf Kampmann, Oktober 2022

Above all, it’s great fun to listen to Hinse rhythmically slamming the strings of his double bass on the fingerboard, while Schlichting takes her baritone saxophone into the high register with overblowing techniques and split sounds, for example.”

JAZZthing homegrown, Martin Laurentius, Oktober 2022

„All these pieces highlight the immediate and intuitive rhythmic interplay of Schlichting and Hinse. These dramatic pieces (except Hinse’s touching ballad) tell imaginative stories about rare Peruvian tarantulas and penguins, an old bicycle and South American festivals, combine spiced folky melodies and eccentric humor, and are performed with playful dynamics and commanding elegance.“

Salt Peanuts, Eyal Hareuveni, November 2022

“… an album well worth listening to.”

Jazz Halo Blog, Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther, Oktober 2022

„…a unique duo …imaginative, extended dialogs…”

Long Play, Robert Ratajczak, November 2022