Drei (2022)

The CD “DREI” is the third release from Subsystem after “UNTERHOLZ” and “SCHNEEKÖNIG”.

Musically, too, this album is all about the number three:
The two musicians are heading towards the number three from different directions and musical cultures: they use 3/4 time and the three as a rhythmic building block in different contexts as a starting point for their compositions and improvisations: Almut Schlichting combines French waltz elegance and polyrhythmic songwriting around 2 and 3 with rough, danceable, West African-inspired 12/8 basslines; Sven Hinse uses the Vals Peruano and carnivalesque triple rhythms from Peru. In some pieces, a loop sampler is added as a third virtual musician.

In the nine pieces on the CD, funky riffs, South American grooves and energetic solos in the best jazz tradition meet folkloric melodies, subtly woven soundscapes and whimsical humor.

Press reviews of the CD here.

Schneekönig (2019)

CD-Cover von Subsystem

Subsystem are celebrating the release of their second CD “Schneekönig” on Tiger Moon Records!

Supported by a grant from the Berlin Senate Department for Science and Culture, an exciting album has been created that further explores the possibilities of double bass and baritone saxophone. The musicians recorded in one room and thus managed to create a concert atmosphere in the studio.

“Schneekönig” is a fascinating journey through different musical landscapes: The epic title track begins with a meditative unison of baritone saxophone and bowed double bass, leads into a lively Balkan groove and features fragments from the folk song “Ach bitterer Winter” in the epilogue.

A cycle of miniatures is dedicated to spices. The “Vanilla Waltz”, for example, evokes a relaxed café atmosphere. In honor of nutmeg and its slightly hallucinogenic effect, the “Nutmeg Tango” is composed in 7/4 time.

The other pieces on “Schneekönig” also broaden the jazz horizon, with echoes of Variéte (“Zirkuswalzer”), funk (“The Flea”) and film music (“Tom and Jerry”). Time and again, the baritone saxophone and double bass swap roles as soloist and accompanist. The arrangements thus come to a versatile, almost orchestral life, varied, voluminous and transparent at the same time.

Studiovideo “Zirkuswalzer”


Unterholz (2016)

Subsystem Unterholz

Our first CD “Unterholz” has been released by Tiger Moon Records!

SUBSYSTEM are low-frequency specialists from the creative undergrowth of the Berlin jazz scene. Charming and virtuoso, the two musicians explore the possibilities of baritone saxophone and double bass. The deep sounds of the large instruments, otherwise rarely heard individually, have plenty of room to unfold in this duo line-up.

The traditional division of roles between solo saxophone and accompanying bass is often broken up; the double bass presents song-like arco melodies, while the baritone saxophone sometimes takes on rock grooves as a solo accompaniment. Additional colors come into play through the use of melodica and loops.

Rooted in contemporary jazz, the music on SUBSYSTEM’s first CD “Unterholz” branches out in the direction of Viennese coffee houses, program music, impressionism and folklore.  The listener encounters flying fish, red lentils, North German cabbage fields and the Berlin subway. The sophisticated miniatures also include material by composers such as Paul Lincke and Fritz Kreisler.


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